DS Smith develops new boxes for safer deliveries

DS Smith has worked with food retailers to help design, develop and produce new boxes aimed at supplying emergency provision boxes to the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

DS Smith said that the boxes can easily be stacked in delivery vans, then picked up and dropped off on doorsteps – with everybody involved protected by the social distancing measures.

Stefano Rossi, CEO of packaging at DS Smith said, “We were approached by several of our food supply customers to design a new packaging solution that would maximise efficiency and provide everyday essentials to many of society’s most vulnerable.

“We worked very closely with our customers to design and produce a solution which allows for a ‘stack, drop and go’ approach that is more time efficient, more hygienic and frees up time for more deliveries. Our sustainably designed solution is also fully recyclable at home.

“I’m extremely proud of the whole team at DS Smith; their determination to support these initiatives meant that we delivered a new design in under 24 hours. This was subsequently prototyped, tested, manufactured and delivered in less than a week.”