Berry prioritises production of products that assist in Covid-19 battle

BERRY Global has announced it is prioritising production of products that can assist in the fight against Covid-19.

The firm supplies plastic packaging and non-woven fabrics. Its products range in use from healthcare materials to packages for food preservation, many of which have seen a surge in demand due to the current crisis.

These materials include non-woven fabrics for face masks, N95 respirators, disinfectant wipes, and protective apparel. In terms of packaging, the company produces products for hand sanitisers, soaps, medicines, and preserved foods.

Jean-Marc Galvez, president of consumer packaging international division for Berry said “We make products essential in the fight against Covid-19. As such, we are running our packaging and non-woven manufacturing lines around the clock and prioritising production to combat Covid-19. We are evaluating our capacity to ensure the most beneficial products are being manufactured and shifting production accordingly.”