Antalis makes ‘carbon balance’ commitment over paper range

ANTALIS has announced it is working with World Land Trust to ‘carbon balance’ every product in its Arjowiggins Creative Papers range.

The offer is made though World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper scheme, with Antalis committed to balancing the carbon emissions that are emitted in the sourcing, production and transportation of this range.

The money raised by the balancing of the range will be used to support World Land Trust projects in Vietnam. To date, 16,000 acres of standing forest at threat of clearance has been protected. World Land Trust has reportedly enabled around 169,000 tonnes of carbon emissions to be absorbed every year, whilst also protecting 41 threatened, endangered and critically endangered wildlife species.

Bruce Munro, national dales director for papers at Antalis UK said, “The demand for sustainable solutions by end-users has never been higher, and we know the print and design community that we serve is looking for support to answer that call. The offering to carbon balance the likes of Rives, Olin, Conqueror, Pop’set and Keaykolour – that already benefit from a naturally lower carbon footprint as they are produced in Scotland – will be much simpler for our customers.

“No carbon conversion calculations, no administration overhead, and a dedicated logo that they can use on their printed communications to show their commitment to the environment. A sensible and clear solution to a problem that we must all globally act on.”