Tetra Pak unveils ‘virtual’ marketplace for food and drink manufacturers

TETRA Pak has launched what it described as the food and beverage industry’s first full-scale virtual marketplace.

The new platform, created using Mirakl SaaS Marketplace solutions, aims to make the purchasing of products ‘faster, more convenient and simpler’ for producers.

The collaboration is the first time Mirakl will work within the food and drink sector. The marketplace will initially host more than 300,000 spare parts and consumables from Tetra Pak, adding an additional 200,000 products for maintenance, repair and operations from vetted sellers.

Klara Svedberg, VP, part and consumables Tetra Pak said, “This is a completely new model and way of doing business for our industry. For the first time we have a digital F&B (food and beverage) marketplace at our fingertips. This will transform the way we serve our customers by connecting F&B manufacturers with leading sellers across the world. By simplifying and speeding up processes, the virtual marketplace will make purchasing more cost-efficient via a one-stop-shop solution. We invite our customers to take full advantage of this platform and look forward to hearing about their experiences.”

Tetra Pak is attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in collaboration with Mirakl to discuss the launch of the marketplace and its impact on the sector. Germany is the first country to launch the marketplace, with selected European countries set to join at a later date before it expands globally.​