Fortress unveils the ‘future of precision checkweighing’

Fortress Technology SG420 precision checkweigher

FORTRESS Technology used the recent PPMA Total Show to introduce what it described as the ‘future of precision checkweighing’.

In association with Sparc Systems, the firm said the SG420 is aimed at food manufacturers looking for an ‘affordable yet advanced’ standalone checkweigher that can be easily integrated with existing metal detector and x-ray inspection machinery.

The system utlises precision checkweighing software and electronics engineered by Sparc Systems to reduce giveaway and protect consumers against short measures. 

Fortress explained that the SG420 can operate as a standalone checkweighing unit, with the cabinet also capable of housing a fully integrated system connecting to existing inspection machinery. 

To reduce product waste, multiple SG420 checkweighers in a manufacturing plant can also be networked over a secure Ethernet. This, Fortress added, enables the results to be pooled across multiple lines of identical product groups and pack sizes and calculate an average batch weight. The SG420 also provides a controlled feedback signal to upstream automation equipment used to portion food products. This signal specifies when to increase or decrease the fill quantity.

Fortress said inspecting pre-packed food items ranging from small sachets to larger retail packs, the SG420 is capable of checking up to 200 packs per minute. 

As a standalone unit, it has a separate reject bin to separate out of weight products from contaminated products.

Fortress Technology’s European MD Phil Brown said, “A checkweigher shouldn’t just be regarded as a regulatory necessity. The data that it captures can also drive untapped ROI by reducing product giveaway and food waste.

“Since the acqusition of Sparc several months back we have been focusing our efforts on combining both companies R&D and developing modular checkweighing solution that responds to market demands. The SG420 Is a competitively positioned premium checkweighing solution.”