Sky to launch £1.5 million ’21st century milkman’ service

SKY is set to launch a £1.5 million scheme that aims to ‘transform’ the world’s reliance on single-use plastic.

The Loop service, in partnership with Tesco, will allow for customers to have household products delivered in reusable containers that are then collected, cleaned, refilled and reused. Sky has likened the scheme to a 21st century milkman service.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky group chief executive, said, “Loop fundamentally changes the way we approach packaging and waste. The transition to a circular economy will take time, but big ideas like this can and will help change the world our children will inherit.”

The likes of P&G, Nestlé, The Body Shop and Unilever are amongs some of the companies to have already signed up to the scheme. This means that customers can have Häagen-Dazs ice cream delivered in a reusable steel container, or a bottle of Pantene shampoo made of durable aluminium.

Tom Szaky, chief executive officer of TerraCycle and Loop, added, “When we set out to raise investment capital for Loop, we had no expectation of finding a fund associated with a major media company that shares our dedication to eliminating plastic waste.

“Sky’s industry knowledge and daily access to a vast customer network will help bring attention to Loop and the opportunities to shift to durable products and packaging.”

TerraCycle will handle the recycling side of Loop, with Sky having previously invested in the American company during its early years.

“This complete system redesign requires being able to win the trust and buy-in of major brands and retailers and with parent company TerraCycle’s experience in the recycling industry, Loop is uniquely placed to make it work.“ Jeremy added.