Kettle launches crisp new packaging

kettle chips multipack

KETTLE has partnered with Essentra Tapes to bring the firm’s RE:CLOSE  technology to the packaging of their crisps range.

The tape allows consumers to ensure the freshness of unfinished packets of crisps by allowing for the bag to be resealed, whilst also acting as an advertising method for Kettle products – with the crisps company working alongside Essentra’s design studio to allow for three new products to be advertised on the tape.

The 30 millimetre wide tape runs vertically down the bag, with an easy-to-use finger lift area running down each side allowing for it to be easily lifted from the packet.

Daisy Scott, assistant brand manager at Kettle Foods, said, “We wanted to promote our exciting new KETTLE & More range and RE:CLOSE Tape seemed the perfect opportunity for us to do this.  The Essentra RE:CLOSE Tape gave us a great opportunity to interrupt the shopper journey with our NPD news. The tape was an effective way for us to reach existing KETTLE Chips consumers and ask them to reassess their normal purchase. We were extremely pleased with the impact of the tape on shelf and the ease of application.”

Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development at Essentra Tapes, notes: “The ability to add on-pack promotions simply and cost-effectively, without the need to change the existing packaging artwork, is a real advantage to RE:CLOSE Tape.

“Our high-definition print delivers spectacular results and we are delighted to see our RE:CLOSE Tape so clearly promoting the latest KETTLE & More range, whilst also providing the additional convenience to consumers of being able to reclose the original pack.”