Varibox the ‘ideal solution’ for chemical firms


RPC Promens says its Varibox product Is providing chemical companies with the ‘ideal solution’ to improve their carbon footprint and minimise financial implications of the UK’s Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) regulations.

The heavy-duty IBC features an inner container enclosed by an outer cover. RPC Promens claims the container is suitable for ‘intensive usage’ for up to five years. As well as environmental benefits, this is said to reduce the amount of packaging waste and the resulting need to purchase PRNs.

The Varibox is described as providing ‘extremely safe handling’ of hazardous chemicals, thanks to a ‘robust and durable’ construction, roto moulded in polyethylene, which provides ‘maximum protection’ throughout transportation, storage and usage. For the UK and Irish markets, the container can be specified with a 4-way secured entry pallet.

A discharge value eliminates the need to remove a cap and, according to RPC Promens, allows ‘safe and controlled’ dispensing.  Integrated vents open automatically during dispensing and a pressure release system is available for products that cause a pressure build-up. Multiple label fields provide space for product information, while a built-in RFID tag enables tracking throughout the distribution chain.