Polish ice-cream producer has sustainability licked!

POLISH producer Bracia Koral is introducing reusable ice-cream packs.

The PET jars from RPC PET Power can be reused for many different purposes, offering customers a sustainable solution.

Two flavours – cream nut and chocolate and mamusia (mummy’s) cheesecake – have been launched in the 450ml jars as part of Bracia Koral’s new ‘Flavours of Childhood’ range.

“We selected the jars from RPC PET Power because they best meet our needs, and because the company provides excellent sales service,” said Piotr Gasiorowski, Koral’s sales and marketing director. “We don’t want our empty packs to go immediately in the waste bin but instead offer a useful second life as a household, workshop or toy container. We have also launched a competition to highlight this potential.”