Majority of BPF members “clearly reject” no-deal Brexit

A flash poll conducted by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) found that most members would be in favour of revoking article 50 to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

The organisation surveyed its members in a poll that mirrored the ‘indicative votes’ that MPs voted for in the House of Commons on 27 March. Unlike at Westminster, the findings showed clear preferred courses of action.

More than 150 senior industry figures responded to the poll. Three quarters voted ‘no’ to the concept of a no-deal Brexit. The most popular option was revoking article 50 to avoid no-deal (66%), followed by entering a customs union (65%) and a confirmatory public vote (60%).

BPF members were also asked what their preferred outcome was for Brexit and what they predict will happen. Most said they preferred either a revocation of article 50 (41%) or a second referendum (23%). However, when they were asked what they predict would actually happen, 29% felt that the UK would end up with an alternative soft Brexit, closely followed by Theresa May’s deal passing (28%).

BPF director general Philip Law said, “This flash poll shows there is clearly a dominant view from our industry. The majority of BPF members clearly reject a no-deal Brexit and would revoke article 50 to avoid it.”