Pallet supplier makes plastic recycling pledge

PALLET supplier has pledged to recycle every plastic pallet box it supplies to customers.

The company is looking to “lead the way” in recycling plastic waste, by not only supplying what it calls the “largest range of multi-use, recyclable plastic pallets and boxes” in the UK, but also committing to ensure those products are ethically recycled at the end of their use.

Currently 96% of’s plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, with just 4% produced from virgin material, which is recommended for ultra-hygienic environments, the company explained.

Jim Hardisty

Jim Hardesty, managing director of said, “Our promise is our word – we guarantee to take full responsibility for recycling each and every plastic pallet and box we supply to our customers. And, not only that, but we intend to make it as simple as possible for customers of all sizes to recycle their plastic pallets and boxes by offering both ‘drop of’ and ‘collection’ options.

“Ultimately, our mission is to help businesses create more sustainable supply chains by providing them with long lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes, and ensuring they are responsibly recycled when customers no longer need them.

“Each customer that purchases plastic pallets and boxes from us will receive a certificate – our recycling commitment – this reinforces the responsible attitude we have towards recycling our products.

“As ‘the Responsible Plastic Pallet Company’, our ultimate goal is to be recognised as the most trusted supplier of long lasting, recyclable plastic pallets and boxes in the UK.”