Charpak to “transform” waste with localised circular economy launch

Paul Smith

CHARPAK has revealed it will be launching the “first” UK localised circular economy at this year’s Packaging Innovations event.

The thermoformed packaging specialist will be unveiling the development where plastics are used, recycled and put back into their production process for reuse. Charpak has recruited partners, including Jayplas and Amey, for the project to achieve a full circle in the plastics economy.

Charpak MD Paul Smith explained, “As a leading design and manufacturing company in this field, we recognised the responsibility we have to help allay consumer fears and take major initiatives to achieve a truly circular plastics economy. After a year of negotiations and planning we are delighted the localised circular economy is live!

“We want to prove that despite the challenges in delivering a circular economy, an economic model is feasible with supply chain collaboration. Minimising plastic leaking into our environment is a responsibility we take very seriously, so we must ensure plastic becomes a resource and not waste. Why transport essential plastics resources nationwide, or overseas, and risk ocean plastics when the plastic resource is required for manufacture and re-manufacture again and again within the UK.”

Charpak added that the firm is committed to achieving zero waste and said over 99% of its waste is either recycled, reused or composted.

The firm believes the localised circular economy will “transform” waste into resource for manufacturing into new packaging by processing Cambridgeshire’s waste locally.

Paul Smith added, “We believe we are the first in the UK to make this a reality. It takes bold action to prove it can be done. We are not just talking about sustainable solutions to the plastics packaging problem, we are doing it, now.”

A direct result of the localised circular economy and “spearheading” the company’s commitment to circularity is the launch of a new packaging solution – Twist-Loc – described as a “groundbreaking” packaging solution which will appeal to food manufacturers and retailers. The concept is said to be “perfect” for ‘eat me, keep me’ packaging and combines total product clarity in “lightweight, durable, reusable and recyclable” rPET plastic. The product’s integrated locking device means it is tamper evident and has no ‘tear off bits’. Twist-Loc is available with a fully wrapped sleeve for ambient, chilled and frozen products.

Justin Kempson, sales and innovation director at Charpak said, “With compostable and biodegradable plastics not yet feasible to process in the current waste infrastructure moving to recycled and reusable packaging must be the way forward. Why use multi-layer materials, when mono-layer materials, from recycled resource are suitable and perfectly viable, and far less environmentally damaging. Whilst others continue to discuss, we have been quietly making it happen, and are absolutely ecstatic to be designing and producing packaging using this circular resource.

Justin Kempson

“These two groundbreaking solutions demonstrate our approach which is innovative, responsive to market needs, commercially motivated and underpinned with proven quality production. Critically, it showcases our ability to deliver practical solutions, relevant to the big plastic debate and to any sector using plastic packaging; particularly, but not limited to, food.”