Saica design room aims to speed up process

SAICA Pack has launched a new design room at its factory in Wigan, where customers can work alongside members of Saica’s design team on ideas.

The former workshop space now includes a large television screen which can display packaging designs while adjustments are made via a laptop. The room also features a Mimaki printer to allow designers to print artwork, which can then be transferred onto the cutting table to produce working samples.

Saica described the initial reception to the room as “hugely positive”. The firm believes it will speed up the design process as customers can provide immediate feedback on initial designs.

Paul George, regional director of Saica North West said, “I’m delighted to launch our Wigan design room which will allow our customers to have an innovative, welcoming and comfortable environment in which to build their designs. This is all part of our regional plan to be the industry leader in design innovation.”