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RPC pot provides tamper evidence for artisan gelato

RIGID plastic packaging manufacturer RPC Superfos has provided tamper evidence for a US gelato ice cream company.

Michigan-based Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy opted for RPC’s UniPak pot and are said to be particularly pleased with its tamper evident feature, as well as its spoon in the lid.

CEO and founder Pete Palazzolo selected the UniPak pot for its standard tamper evidence feature, which is described as being easily detectable and comfortable for end-users to break.

He explained, “The tamper evidence of the UniPak pots is very attractive. Besides assuring the end-user of an untouched product, the feature optimises our manufacturing process and, at the same time, it safeguards the quality of the Palazzolo products.

“This is because tamper evidence eliminates the need for burning a foil seal on the plastic rim, so our gelato avoids heat shock.”

Also key to the solution for Palazzolo’s is the spoon in the pot’s lid, which is described as making the range’s 69mm diameter model “perfect” for eating on the go.

The UniPak pot solution is also embellished with advanced scratch-resistant in-mould labelling. Pete said, “The artwork looks beautiful and the quality of the print job is better than what you normally see. In addition, the feel of the UniPak container, in any size we use, gets a lot of positive remarks these days.”

He added, “We experience RPC Superfos as being much more than just a packaging provider. They are more like a partner who really wants to see our business growing and succeeding. Our connection is far from a one-time sales contract; it is much more like the beginning of a long-term business relationship.”


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