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London store introduces plastic-free zones

A London supermarket has introduced dedicated plastic-free zones. 

The Thornton’s Budgens store in Camden’s Belsize Park said it has assembled an offering of more than 1,700 plastic-free products, including fresh fruit, vegetables and wild game meat in the space of just ten weeks.

The zones are described as showcasing materials set to “transform” how we package wet goods like meat and fish. The materials include beechwood nets, pulp, papermetal, glass, cellulose and cartonboard. 

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet said, “Thornton’s Budgens are disrupting the market and showing that wrapping something as fleeting as food in something as long-lasting as plastic is the definition of madness. In just 10 weeks the store has removed plastic packaging from more than 1,500 products, finally giving their customers the choice they want. While big retailers claim it will take ten years to create real plastic-free change, Thornton’s Budgens has shown that we can start to wean ourselves off plastic in ten weeks.” 

Andrew Thornton, Thornton’s Budgens founder added, “The issue of plastic is one that can no longer be ignored so we’ve chosen to be the first mainstream supermarket in the UK to introduce plastic-free zones. This means our customers will be able to do a comprehensive shop without the need to use any plastic packaging.”

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