A clear vision: new system tackles picking challenges

RARUK Automation has launched a new vision system which claims to allow even the most complex 3D picking challenges to be quickly set up without the need for a robotic programming language.

The Pick-it 3D Robot Vision is a fixed price product that RARUK said can be operated by anyone and is suitable for use with all major brands of robot.

Pick-it works by guiding the robot to see, pick and place a range of products. The system’s 3D vision camera automatically detects the exact position, orientation and dimensions of the products. RARUK explained that the camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D images.

Pick-it is described as being able to find overlapping products of varying sizes and detect all colours and materials. As well as pick-and-place, the system can be used for packaging and palletising, kitting and assembly and machine tending.