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Sustainable cups provide “almost limitless” branding opportunities

Tri-Star Packaging has launched a range of sustainable cups that are said to provide “almost limitless” branding opportunities for caterers.

The Tri-Cup, manufactured by Huhtamaki, is available in three different sizes and has been introduced for the hot drinks market. Tri-Star said the product can use bespoke print to maximise the impact of an operator’s brand, and is made with environmentally sourced materials that can be traced back to the sustainable plantation of origin.

Made from board sourced from forests with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) chain of custody certification, Tri-Star said the double-wall cup is further differentiated from other ripple cups by its ability to “take high-quality print, adding amazing wow-factor to a market increasingly cluttered with bland, standardised paper cups that in some cases are barely fit for purpose”.

Tri-Star managing director Kevin Curran explained, “The market today is swamped by cups that have no standout or branding opportunities and therefore provide no added value in a highly competitive market. In this sea of mediocrity, the Tri-Cup stands proud: not only is it made from sustainably sourced materials, but it is really robust – no double cupping with this little beauty.

“Speaking of beauty, the Tri-Cup is an absolute delight both aesthetically and in terms of the benefits it offers food-to-go businesses. Its branding potential promises colourful, fun-loving high impact that will give caterers almost limitless branding opportunities. The Tri-Cup therefore enables caterers and retail operators of all sizes to compete more effectively on the high street. Consumers meanwhile will love these cups, helping to boost levels of loyalty and repeat purchases.”

The Tri-Cup can be recycled either via a general waste contractor or specialist paper cup recycling scheme. Tri-Star and Huhtamaki are members of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) and Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK).

Michael Marchand, national sales manager at Huhtamaki UK added, “We have partnered with Tri-Star to create exceptional added value. They took a generic double-wall cup and ‘Tri-Stared’ it using their exceptional market knowledge to add value in a flooded market that nevertheless continues to grow. With this continuing growth comes the absolute need for innovative, attractive and practical packaging. Tri-Star delivers all three with the Tri-Cup.”

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