Slimline can created in response to changing consumer tastes

BALL Corporation has responded to European consumer trends towards greater portion and sugar control by announcing a 15-centiliter slim can – the smallest in its range.

The can will be produced at the Naro Fominsk plant in Russia and distributed globally.

Ball said European consumers are looking for smaller packaging formats that offer “portion control, portability and ease of use”.

Irina Dolyanovskaya, Russian sales manager at Ball said, “At first we assumed that the 15-centiliter size would be most convenient for strong alcohol or vodka, particularly within the Russian market. However, we are actually seeing that this can format is also appealing to the newer canned beverage categories such as juices, waters and cold brew coffees.”

Ana Neale, marketing and strategic planning director at Ball added, “The new can size is a prime example of Ball extending its range in order to meet the demands of its customers. Ensuring that we understand and respond to consumer trends and market-specific regulations is a key part of this.”

Ball explained that in addition to juice, water and coffee, the 15-centiliter slim can can also be utilised in the adult mixers market, for distribution in aircrafts and vending machines, drinks brands aimed at children, and for customers who look to create sample size cans for marketing purposes.