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Loma conference outlines “common vision” for service levels

LOMA’S service teams from around the world recently attended a global service management conference at the manufacturer’s office in Farnborough.

Delegates from the USA, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Poland, Netherlands and the UK attended the event, which was aimed at strengthening the “common vision for delivering unrivalled service levels”.

As well as updates on new products and service initiatives, attendees were given the opportunity to discuss local challenges and take part in workshops.

Anthony Norton, HR director at Loma Systems said, “The primary purpose of the conference was for our service managers to share experiences and ensure a consistent worldwide approach. It was also the platform for the launch of our global service engineer development programme.

“We have identified a number of areas that we all want to focus on to further support both our customers and field service engineers. However, this is really just the start of a conversation that we look forward to continuing in the future.

“It has been an intense and productive meeting. It is always great to see the passion our people from around the world have for helping customers.”

Keith Cole from Loma in the USA added, “The global service management conference was an extremely useful event. It is great to know that the daily service challenges we have are similar to my colleagues from around the world. I think it is essential to understand what is going on globally to be able to provide excellent service at a local level.”