Company looks to make waves with covered flexible carrier

WaveGrip has announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s first covered flexible multi-pack carrier for cans.

WaveSafe is said to provide enhanced hygiene protection for cans throughout the supply chain. The product features an extra layer of recyclable and photodegradable PE material, covering the top of the cans. This, WaveGrip added, provides protection from dust and debris.

Compatible with all WaveGrip applicators, WaveSafe is described as being accessible for all beverage manufacturers, from small producers right through to high volume operators.

“We are so pleased to be able to launch the first covered flexible carrier,” said WaveGrip managing director Aaron McIvor. “This is a major opportunity for WaveGrip and reaffirms we are the innovator in the development of beverage multi-packing solutions.

“WaveSafe is lightweight and efficient to apply and being available in the complete range of WaveGrip Colours, means it will create a new point of intrigue to consumers as well as boasting functional and environmental benefits.”