Yamato weighs in with new filling line


YAMATO Scale Dataweigh recently demonstrated its new fruit weighing and punnet/tray filling line in the first open house event to be held at its new Leeds factory. 

Fruit farmers and raspberry/strawberry growers and packers were invited to see the new line, which Yamato said is designed to eliminate bruising of delicate fruits and reduce wastage. The line is based on Yamato’s Alpha Advance multihead weigher, combined with a punnet filling depositor.

The Alpha Advance is described as having a high frequency load cell which shortens the settle time of weighing cycle and realises high-speed weighing. The Yamato auto feeder control system enables optimal feeding and the accuracy and the productivity has been “greatly improved”, Yamato added. Enhanced feeder amplitude enables the line to handle sticky or fragile products. 

Andrea Spencer, commercial operations manager for Yamato said, “We are delighted to be in a position where we were able to demonstrate Yamato’s new fruit weighing and pot filling line to its full potential. It was great to welcome so many of our new and existing customers in the soft fruit and berry sectors. They were able to see first-hand how we can help them improve their bottom lines.”