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‘Simpler is better’ as HAVI Group aligns operations under one name


HAVI Group has announced it has combined nearly all of its global operating companies under one brand name, known simply as HAVI.

The business said the move is part of the company’s efforts to “more closely align its businesses with the needs and operations of its customers”.

CEO Russ Smyth explained, “This is about making it easier for our customers to understand how HAVI can add value to their organisations. We roll up our sleeves and help our customers manage their supply chains day in and day out – and that is something other companies in this industry don’t or won’t do.”

For more than 40 years, HAVI Group has provided supply chain and additional services under multiple company names and logos, including most recently, HAVI Global Solutions, HAVI Logistics, HAVI Freight Management and HAVI Supply Chain Solutions.

“Our success has come from being excellent at what we do, consistently and with care,” Russ Smyth added. “We recognise that it is critical for HAVI to continue to evolve as a company and with our customers in order to continue to grow and succeed.”