Allen Coding to display new products for the first time


ALLEN Coding will be demonstrating a wide range of equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging applications at the PPMA Total Show.

The company’s newly launched Diagraph IJ4000 high resolution series inkjet system and MLi-TE multi-head thermal transfer printer will be on display for the first time. The stand will feature a complete packaging line and also include Hitachi RX2 and UX continuous inkjet printers, TJ, NGT8, NGT2+ and XL80 thermal transfer printers and a Diagraph PA6000 print and apply labeller.

Allen Coding said the MLi-TE multi-head thermal transfer printer has been specially developed “to provide high speed multi-lane, multi-line static and dynamic printing of product identification information, date/lot/batch codes and company logos on thermoformed packs. The MLi-TE features up to 12 print heads integrated on one common platform with each printing simultaneously at speeds up to 70mm/s. It offers print areas up to 56mm wide and 40 or 90mm in length. To accommodate various web widths, 620, 820 and 1020mm frame options are available”.

The Diagraph IJ4000 high resolution large character inkjet printer will also be on display in the UK for the first time. The firm said, “Designed to print alphanumerics, barcodes and graphics onto porous substrates, the cost-competitive, flexible and easy to use system combines unrivalled barcode decode-ability, durability and print throw distance with the lowest maintenance requirements on the market. Precision placement is ensured by a special roller retractor and digital level sensor accelerometer whilst the print engines of the IJ4000 provide throw distances of 12mm for alphanumerics and 6mm for barcodes. The unit’s print head also offers an industry leading print height of 100mm for larger graphics and additional lines of text.”