Teacher’s pet: new glasses celebrate Scottish heritage


O-I produces new bottles for premium quality Scotch whisky brand

GLASSMAKER O-I has helped Beam Suntory to modernise its Teacher’s Scotch whisky brand.
A global repackaging project has been launched to ensure its appearance “reflects the quality of the premium liquid inside”.
O-I produced three new glass bottles in 70cl, 75cl and 1 litre sizes.
Designed by Australian agency Landor, the new packaging gives the bottle a slimmer profile.
The thick black bar at the base of the old label has been replaced by a gold panel with reversed out cream text.
A Scottish thistle has been embossed above the label, emphasising the Scottish heritage.
Scott Gibb, commercial lead for O-I in the UK, said, “Teacher’s is a hugely respected brand and our NPD innovation and manufacturing team have worked closely with Teacher’s to craft this brand-defining new pack.
“The investments we have made into our assets and people at Alloa are instrumental in supplying the sustainable, brand-building glass packaging customers like Teacher’s demand.”
Julie Pender, international marketing manager, Scotch, Irish and Japanese Whisky at Beam Suntory said, “Our new packaging will reinforce Teacher’s leadership position in key markets like India and Brazil, support its premium Scotch Whisky credentials and extend its appeal to more international legal-age consumers.
“We believe the new packaging will be received positively by consumers who are just starting to experiment with Scotch; they have tried other whiskies and are looking for a more premium choice.”