New solutions in counterfeit battle


DENNY Bros says it is helping pharmaceutical firms tackle the scourge of counterfeit drugs.
The producer of multi-page pharmaceutical labels has developed a security 2D matrix consisting of a series of black and white cells or modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. This, the company says, allows information to be encoded using text or numeric data.
Denny Bros also offers a microtext solution, enabling words to be printed below or at one point size which is “almost unnoticeable to the human eye without the help of extra magnification”.
Other solutions offered include holograms that are difficult to replicate, print “hickies” a counterfeiter may not identify to reproduce and the printing of labels using hermochromatic ink, which can make print features disappear when exposed to heat.
Stephie Castling, senior marketing executive, said, “Over the last few years we have developed a number of anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper solutions which have subsequently been further extended.
“During the next few months we’ll be promoting these to the pharmaceutical sector in a bid to reduce the risk from counterfeit drugs and product tampering.”