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APEAL looks to the future of steel packaging

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Food cans 2 please credit Tata Steel

Image courtesy of Tata Steel

APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging has launched two new projects focusing on the past, present and future of steel for packaging.

The social media campaign “30 years – 30 facts about steel” is described as a “light, bitesize campaign” publishing one key fact about steel each day in April.

The campaign tells the story of the last 30 years of steel for packaging and gives an insight into the qualities which make steel a unique packaging material.

All stakeholders can follow the campaign on APEAL’s social media accounts – @APEAL_EU on Twitter and APEAL on LinkedIn.

Additionally, APEAL is commissioning an expert panel from environment & recycling, food & nutrition, and packaging design to predict trends and analyse the challenges and opportunities in the future. Their analysis will be published in a series of reports.

APEAL secretary general, Alexander Mohr, said, “We’re extremely happy to be celebrating 30 years of APEAL. Building on this track record, the 30-year milestone is a great opportunity to visualise the future.

“That’s why we’ve reached out to a range of independent experts to provide their thoughts on the future of steel for packaging.”



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