RPC Design create egg-citing new pack

rpc2015.188 Yowk pic 2

The New Egg Company has worked with RPC Design and RPC Bebo UK on new packaging for soft-boiled eggs on the go.

The Yowk branded product includes a pre-boiled egg, bread sticks, a spoon and seasoning, with the pack’s lid acting as an eggcup. The consumer removes both the lid and contents, apart from the egg, before filling the container with boiling water and leaving it for five minutes.

“RPC Design’s solution was a two-piece pack thermoformed in polypropylene, compromising a round pot and snap-on lid. The base of the pack incorporates a hollowed out section for the egg to sit in, while the ‘egg cup’ shape of the underside of the lid fits over the egg in the pack, ensuring it remains stable during transit”, according to a company spokesperson.

The overall size of the pack was particularly important because it had to ensure that the exact volume of boiling water is added each time. Too little water would not heat the egg enough while too much would solidify the yolk.

Ian Hetherington, managing director of The New Egg Company, said, “Eggs are a nutritious snack, ideal for people on the go. Yowk allows consumers to enjoy the perfect boiled egg, anytime and anywhere, and RPC has made a huge contribution in helping us to bring this innovation to market.”