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TCL provides new ovenable films for Tesco


Tesco have selected a new ovenable packaging from TCL Packaging for their new range of bake-in-store, hot sandwiches and snacks.

The packaging, chosen because of its innovative design and Smithers PIRA testing, features micro perforations that provide the correct amount of open surface area for gas transmission. These micro perforations also facilitate steam escape during cooking and an anti-mist coating minimises condensation.

These films enable pre-packed products to be delivered ready to cook in-store and be made available in hot cabinets, ready to eat.

Mike Golding, TCL managing director, explains, “What look like simple ovenable films have taken years to be perfected and rigorously tested for performance and food safety. It’s not just the behaviour of the inks and substrate material together at high temperatures that matters; the laser micro perforations and the anti-mist coating both had to be verified and approved.

“We believe we are the first manufacturer to have achieved full certification for this type of advanced ovenable film.”