Fantastic four for SAICA

Hogans Cider packaging - Starpack Gold Award winner

SAICA Pack picked up four top awards at this year’s Starpack Awards ceremony. The firm secured one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze prizes at the awards, now in their 57th year.

SAICA won Gold for their work on a new pack for Hogan’s Cider. The new packaging was technically challenging, requiring attractive presentation of three different sized bottles and glass fully without losing strength and integrity of the pack. Not only is the base stronger than the conventional push-lock style, it also delivers minimal waste, with a cost efficiency of 96% of the material used.

The Silver Award came courtesy of SAICA’s work to deliver a new packaging solution for the Husqvarna 320/330 Automower. SAICA was able to increase the overall protection of the product, reduce waste by 40%, reduce materials used from original pack by 24%, maintain the speed of the production line, and fully comply with Husqvarna’s rigorous testing procedures, all while reducing the packaging costs by 40%.

SAICA also won two Bronze Awards. The firm was appointed by MM Flowers to design a range of packs for the launch of a new premium online bouquet delivery system. The packaging had to be cost effective, stylish to reflect the high-end branding, but also provide protection to the delicate produce. MM Flowers are delighted with a packaging solution with a real wow factor.

The other Bronze Award was for a new pack for the Busch GVT Vacuum Pump. SAICA’s new design used 100% corrugate, replacing an earlier pack with a timber base. SAICA delivered a new pack which was 100% recyclable, simplified packing time, and suspended the product within the packaging, which reduced damage to the pump – a common problem with the previous packaging. It did all this, while reducing costs by 65% compared to the previous packaging.

David Wilbraham, SAICA’s sales director for the UK and Ireland said, “As a company we are committed to working with our customers to identify and deliver innovative packaging solutions that add value to their products. Our creative team is at the forefront of producing exciting designs that showcase products effectively whilst offering sustainable solutions.”