Scottish baker has capacity lifted by entry level servo wrapper

PFM Pearl-Irvings

A Scottish bakery is benefiting from extra capacity thanks to an entry level servo-driven flow-wrapper.

Irvings Homestyle Bakery, which is based in Castle Douglas, invested in the machine from PFM Packaging Machinery to help meet rising demand while allowing the firm to take a more flexible approach to production staffing.

The new PFM Pearl machine is employed on a wide range of specialised biscuits and tray bakes produced by Irvings, mostly under its own name but also some own brand for local retailers.

Managing director Keith Irving says production can involve fairly short runs of different size items.

“In a day the machine could need to be set up five or six times to handle different products which is where the servo drive comes in,” he explained.

“Ease of set-up saves labour costs and allows us flexibility with production staff, who might be unable to set-up a mechanical machine.

“Most of the work is done for them by the servo drive system, with each product stored in memory for recall through the touch screen.

“Also the machine gives reliably consistent quality, minimising any need for on-the-run adjustment.”

The Pearl was developed by PFM to provide smaller or start-up operations with all the efficiency advantages of multi-axis servo drive, but at an entry level cost, said PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton.

“As a result, the machine has become a natural partner or successor to older mechanical machines, providing higher speeds, much lower maintenance costs and quick changeover,” he added.