New dispensing cap shakes up the market

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A new cap that dispenses dry and liquid ingredients into a PET bottle containing still or carbonated water has been developed by Incap Ltd.

Allowing consumers to mix their own drink, several firms were involved in turning this prototype idea into a reality, including Horst Hähl and Teamplast. Precision and repeatability trials were conducted on an eight-cavity all-electric IntElect injection moulding machine from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag.

Emphasising the significance of this special new twist-off cap design, co-owner and European director of Incap, Axel Hauck, said, “A beverage is so much more interesting if consumers can prepare their very own special drink. Consumers using our product feel they are contributing to their health and wellbeing. They also regard this cap as a fun novelty item, as these caps allow them to add the ingredients themselves and watch them dissolve in their beverage.”

Catering to an emerging trend for beverages enriched with vitamins, minerals or probiotics, dry or liquid additives are stored in a separate chamber within the cap, eliminating the need for preservatives and extending the shelf life of the drink itself. The user simply twists the cap to release the additive, triggering the mixing procedure when the product is ready for consumption.