Slim cans boost new vegan ‘smart drink’


Rexam has partnered with acáo, the German drinks start-up, to launch a new organic vegan ‘Smart Drink’ in Exam’s 250ml slim cans.

Patenting the ‘Smart Drink’ as a new generation of beverage, acáo, made from 100% natural ingredients, claims to offer consumers a healthy alternative to an energy drink. Made using blends of organic fruit juices, acáo replaces additives with infusions of guarana berries to give a natural stimulant.

Aimed at a health conscious audience with a vested interest in well being, the 250ml cans use Rexam’s HD printing to bring to life a detailed illustration of the brands mascot, the Macow Parrot, resulting in a striking can with strong stand out on shelf. 

Christopher Reimann, acáo’s Founder and Chief Marketing Officer said, “Communicating our brand messaging through a sleek design that engages our end consumer is really important to us. acáo is available to consumers through high-end hotels, restaurants and spas. We also distribute to corporate giants including the likes of Google, BMW and SAP, so ensuring the can looks chic is key. The design is simple yet effective and we are thrilled with the outcome.”

Uwe Schmolling, Rexam’s Sales Manager for Rexam Germany added, “We were impressed with acáo’s concept behind the new ‘Smart Drink’ category and as always it was interesting working with a start-up. Both Rexam and acáo share a passion for innovation and sustainability, making for a harmonious working partnership.”