Additional funding boosts Adents’ expansion plans

Adents, a product unit identification and traceability software provider, has secured €8.5 million in extra funding to expand its international presence and ensure rapid deployment of its software solution on pharmaceutical product packaging lines in Europe and North America.

Founded in 2007, Adents has become a major player in product unit identification and traceability software in France, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

In a context where counterfeit medicines are flooding the internet and arrive at the pharmacy or hospital, sometimes becoming part of the official distribution channel and putting millions of lives in danger, principal countries across the globe have passed anti- counterfeiting legislation. In order to protect patients, the pharmaceutical industry must now identify each drug pack individually using a unique code. This further step in serialisation must be implemented for the global production of prescription medicines worldwide by the end of 2018.

Adents’ founders have developed a new generation of software which allows labs and contract manufacturers to conform to regulations on time and in accordance with national specificities.

Christophe Devins, Adents CEO and co-founder, said, “These funds will allow us to establish a presence in major European countries. We are going to be in a position to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry picking up speed with approaching regulation deadlines.”