Yamato Produce-Weigher is ‘fastest in the market’


THE F3 Frontier Produce Weigher, designed to reduce product damage while offering uncompromising speeds, is now available through Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK.

Based on the successful Sigma technology, the F3 Frontier Produce-Weigher has been re-tooled to offer optimum performance and handling of produce. With features based on the needs of the potato industry, the F3 Frontier Multihead Weigher is also suitable for the rapid weighing and counting of whole onions or citrus fruits.

Now capable of weighing 100 packs a minute for 1KG packs, and 80 packs a minute for 2.5kg packs, the F3 Frontier makes use of the latest developments in frontier weighing technology, to deliver the fastest ‘produce-weigher’ in the market.

“With fresh produce such as potatoes or citrus fruit it’s important to ensure correct handling,” said Steven Spencer, Sales Manager. “Our clients demand speed, efficiency and gentle handling of products so that products remain looking as good as they should taste.”

The F3 Frontier has a robust construction and offers strong load cells with a 150kg capacity (and a three-year guarantee).

Its high speed, undisputable accuracy and 100% motor driven process, with no air cylinders used, makes it the ideal weighing machine for fresh produce. It features advanced chute configuration that increases discharge intervals into clear and distinct batches, further boosting speed and accuracy through a wider product window.

“This machine is specially designed based on the feedback we’ve had from our produce and foodstuff clients,” added Steven Spencer. “The Sigma technology that led the market 10 years ago has been revisited and re-engineered, and offers market leading performance and reliability to ensure shop-floor presentation of products to the consumer.”