World conference debates the future of ‘skinny’ labelling


NEW formats of linerless labels and minimalist labelling technology were discussed at Ravenwood Packaging’s World Conference 2015 in Suffolk

The UK labelling and sleeving specialist hosted a conference for 40 experts from around the world – including Australia, Europe and the USA – who are promoting the use of linerless adhesive backed labelling systems.

With no liner or backing paper, the stripped-down, highly flexible labels produce less waste than conventional labels and this innovative feature is keeping them at the top of the packaging industry’s green agenda.

Findings from the conference confirmed that minimalist labelling is now becoming an industry standard in the packaging sector and that other industries are looking to adapt the technology to become more process and waste efficient.

The conference was held at The Abbeygate Picturehouse in Bury St Edmunds, the authentically preserved cinema venue that first opened in the 1920s. The event started with a pre-conference dinner at the motorcycle and classic car destination venue Krazy Horse and followed on from the exhibition Pro2Pac 2015 at Excel in London that showcased the company’s linerless labelling techniques.

Labels and sleeves are continuing to win ground over other more-elaborate packaging formats and linerless labels are surging forward as a result of their green credentials.

The new style labels also offer manufacturers significant savings with less need for label change over and reduced transportation costs.

Recent linerless labelling introductions have included ‘slidable’, ‘skin-pack’ and ‘super-protruding labels for bulky products such as whole joints of meat.

Paul Beamish, Ravenwood’s MD, said, “Backingless or skinny labels are winning new followers across the globe as companies worldwide accept the idea that less is more.

“We are looking at new ideas and concepts for the future. What started as a simple concept is now a major force in packaging and we are looking at ways of adapting the technology to answer other packaging challenges.

“The fact that over 40 world delegates are here with us talking these issues through in the UK is a sign of how pivotal we are in this field. We are leading this changing technology with the help of other experts from around the world.

“Manufacturers and retailers are now doing everything they can to take practical steps towards sustainability and this is what is feeding this growth in linerless labelling.”

The company provides an all-inclusive service through a network of partners and worldwide agents. It supplies a range of specialist labels and packaging machines, including those now used by a growing number of manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Latin America, where new legislation is driving the move towards backingless labels.