Look, listen, learn and network at Meatup 2015


A stimulating and exciting seminar programme awaits visitors to the Meatup exhibition and The Food Science & Technology Show on 30th June and 1st July 2015, plus a wide range of additional show content, together with leading suppliers on show with new exhibits.

 The new free seminar programme is set to add a vibrant atmosphere at the new look Meatup, which is the only UK exhibition specifically dedicated to the meat industry.

 Show organiser, Emma Cash said: “I really believe Meatup has an exciting buzz this year as we come fully out of recession, which has affected everybody for so long. A new structure and layout, with new innovations and great content means that Meatup really should be on everybody’s radar.”

It is free to attend Meatup and the Food Science & Technology Show. Register online at http://foodshows.onlineregistration.co.uk.


Seminar Programme

 Tuesday 30th June 

 Meatup Theatre

10:00–10.30        Is the Food Standards Agnecy content to fiddle with the meat industry while Rome burns?

Jamie Foster, Partner, Foster & Griffin Solicitiors and Meat Management Magazine Columnist asks why is this Agency continuing to pick pointless and damaging fights with the producers of meat?


11.00-11.30         Keynote Presentation

Has meat consumption peaked and if so what can we do about it?

Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing

Imperial College London.

An international speaker David speaks to numerous agri-businessses and food industry managers about global food industry developments that do and will affect their businesses.


12.00-12.30         How can meat packaging deliver on convenience, environmental, hygiene and shelf life promises?

Ian Perkins, Faerch Plast

Product integrity needs to be maintained at all times when considering what packaging is best for your product. How can that be delivered?

2.00-2.30              I know I can guarantee the integrity of the meat I sell – can you?

                                Independent Retailer: Alan Odling

                                Alan explains how he ensures HACCP compliance and how he’s taken the hard work and human error out.



Food Science & Technology Theatre


10.30-11.00         Why should food businesses bother about ethics?

Professor Ralph Early, Harper Adams University

As the key moral agents within their businesses food business leaders must realise that it is their responsibility to embody a strategy that incorporates enlightened self-interest as the means to long-term business sustainability.

11.30-12.00         How can you protect your business against food fraud?

Antony Bagshaw – Technical Specialist, Public Analyst Scientific Services

How prevention is better than detection, and where the analytical chemist can play a part.

12.30-1.00           What does the future of product development look like?

Steve Osborn, Consultant, Aurora Ceres Partnership

A look at some techniques that can help with product development planning and management, in particular technological readiness. Is your innovation ready to be be developed, marketed or licensed?

3.30-4.00              Food Safety Professionalism: Recognising the science underpinning food safety

                                Jon Poole, CEO of Institute of Food Science & Technology

A look at the very latest scientific thinking regarding the assessment and management of risk.



Wednesday 1st July 

Meatup Theatre

10.30-11.00         How did one of the UK’s largest meat processors and manufacturers find solutions to pressures in maturation, carcase chilling, blasting and tempering?

Rod Benham, Jonathan McKie and Aiden McCauley, DawsonRentals talk about how they have worked with a major meat business across many of their sites.


 11.30-12.00        How can the meat trade save money and energy?

Stephen McAuley, Managing Director, Crowley Carbon has some great case studies to demonstrate how existing manufacturers have worked with their existing buildings to save energy and gain a ROI quickly and asks why wouldn’t you want to save money and energy that goes straight to the bottom line?


12.30-1.00           Should meat consumption be reduced?

Professor Ralph Early, Harper Adams University

There seems an almost relentless barrage of negative publicity around the perils of meat eating. So what is the truth and where are the lies?



Food Science & Technology Theatre


10:00–10.30        How state of the art science techniques can avert more crisis in the food industry

Antony Bagshaw – Technical Specialist, Public Analyst Scientific Services

The analytical chemist’s toolbox: how recent developments in technology could be used in fraud detection and authenticity testing.


11.00-11.30         Keynote Presentation

Health and wellbeing trends: nonsense or potential for profit?

Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing

Imperial College London.

The obesity debate continues to rage and consumption of fats and sugar are burning issues. How should industry react?

12.00-12.30         Food Safety Data: Fabrication vs Automation….for the busy foodservice sector

                                Dr Josephine Head, Head Consultancy

                                Why businesses should be looking to digital technology to gather the data rather than rely on pen and paper trails.

2.00-2.30              Food Manufacturing of the Future

Dr Craig Leadley, Innovative Processing Technologies Section Manager at Campden BRI

The UN estimates that current food production will have to increase by 70% by 2050 to feed the world population. Food factories are at the centre of this, and will need to evolve to meet the future demands of a growing population, not just in volume but also in enhanced nutrition levels and longer shelf life.

3.00-3.30              What is Nanotechnology and its Potential for the Food Industry and for Food Ingredients?

Professor Kathy Groves from Leatherhead Food Research

A look at how nanotechnology can be utilized to reduce fat and salt and deliver safe and improved nutrition.