The elegance is in the opening

House of Rochas' new Secret de Rochas perfume
House of Rochas’ new Secret de Rochas perfume

THE latest perfume from the House of Rochas features a stylish easy-open closure from RPC Beauté.

Secret de Rochas captures ‘the modern Parisian style of Rochas’ and combines the ‘joie de vivre of mango and peach’ with the ‘mysterious nature of the woods to make a very special scent.’

The cylindrical bottle is coloured in shades of apricot while the cap from RPC Beauté is largely made up of a contrasting sparkling black which features a centre top section in matching apricot.

To create a high gloss effect the outer-layer is produced in metallised polypropylene which is glued onto the bi-injected over-cap. During the injection moulding process, a special opening profile is created inside the cap to ensure a smooth and easy opening each time.