Seminar surveys seal integrity challenges

A Learnshop seminar at the University of Lincoln on 19 November will look at the challenges of processing packaging materials, achieving seal integrity, and understanding the properties of flexible plastics as well as their applications and current innovations. The event will also incorporate practical demonstrations and “specific application analysis of your own packs”.

The featured presentations will include “Seal Integrity and the impact on waste” by Mike Dudbridge, Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln; “Better package seals” by Lynneric Potter of Campden BRI; “Flexible plastic packaging material characteristics, selection, applications, and recent innovations” with a speaker still to be announced; “Higher effective packaging speed and better package quality via process improvement, monitoring and seal inspection” by Dimitri Sarens, of Engilico, Belgium; and “Practical examples of packaging testing technologies” with staff from RDM Test Equipment.
The event is aimed at plastic packaging film users, processors and convertors, and technical, quality and R&D managers or staff wanting to develop knowledge of the challenges of processing, and achieving good quality seal integrity, across a range of industries.
Equipment available to try will include laboratory heat sealers (to check heat sealability parameters), seal strength testers (to look at peel testing of heat seals), and non-destructive gas analysers (for shelf life and pack permeation measurements).
See for more information or to book a place.