Electric blue glowing sleeve conveys energy


SPECIAL glow-in-the-dark sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are being used to convey the day and night image of a new water brand described as ‘Ibiza personified’.

WhiteWater comprises “spring water with natural caffeine and electrolytes”. With no calories, additives or preservatives, it is presented as the ideal drink to energise, replenish and rehydrate, whether exercising or relaxing during the day or partying throughout the night. The brand was launched at the Dalt Vila music festival in Ibiza in May.
The name WhiteWater conveys energy and movement and this needed to be reflected in the packaging along with the fact the drink is for both day and night consumption. The sleeve design features a cyan blue background with a “tattoo” at the top incorporating yin and yang, along with an island motif and palm trees. In darkness and, in particular, with exposure to UV light, the pack glows electric blue to “create an aura of excitement and nighttime energy”.
This special finish is achieved by gravure printing in four colours including a UV Glow in the Dark and luminescent ink effect. The 360° coverage of the sleeve maximises the available landscape of the attractive curved 500ml bottle to help create a strong brand identity.