Why the U.S. canned tomato market requires a bold change


Canned tomatoes are currently facing hard times on the US market.

As a consumer commodity which at present is sold mainly in food metal cans, long-life tomato products belong to a product segment which so far has generated a large number of very similar, poorly differentiated products, and very few premium products. That could be set to change. In a white paper, SIG Combibloc is highlighting why the US market for canned tomato requires a bold change, and how carton packs can help refresh the US market for long-life tomato products and breathe new life into it.

The white paper delivers a coherent argumentation as to why, for brand owners, retailers and canned tomato manufacturers, it would be difficult to find a better alternative than aseptic carton packs. This is because no other packaging solution for long-life tomato products brings together innovation, product protection and convenience. The overall package is ideally suited to appeal to a young, extremely dynamic and innovation-loving consumer group, and to revitalize the market for long-life tomato products so that considerable and sustainable market growth can be expected.

Tim Kirchen, Head of Marketing and Business Development at SIG Combibloc North America: “The market for canned tomatoes needs to change fundamentally. The segment is currently stuck in a rut. By contrast, it is confronted with a young consumer class with changed consumption and buying behaviour, and concrete expectations of food and packaging. Food manufacturers and retailers need to accommodate these attitudes. In every respect, tomatoes in carton packs are a profitable combination: for consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike. Whether we’re talking about the first-class flavour of the tomato products, convenience aspects or environmental benefits: aseptic carton packs have got it all”.

The white paper is available to download free of charge on SIG Combibloc’s homepage: www.sig.biz/white-paper

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