Resealing system supports quality and freshness


AN innovative resealing system from Tesa had its first public airing at the Packaging Innovations show in February, and appears to be taking off.

Lift & Reseal is said to provide consumers with an easy to use and effective resealing system, complete with a finger-lift strip for easy peel back. Designed to reclose packs more than 20 times, the tape remains adhesive-faced as fresh tape is available every time the pack reduces in size.
Peter Spencer, Tesa’s Specialist Segment Manager, Manufacturing, commented: “Packaging and resealing solutions are key to winning and retaining customers of convenience food products. With factors such as quality, freshness through a product’s ‘life’, accessibility and ease of use influencing the purchasing decision, it’s easy to see why innovation in this area is so important.
Lift & Reseal is already being used by a leading supplier of snacking, breakfast, baking and cooking products as part of its drive to provide healthy, nutritious and long-lasting products to the nation’s consumers, with one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains stocking its products.
More recently, a second major retailer implemented the tape with its own bespoke brand name ‘Peel Back & Reseal’ on a selection of product ranges.
Through the company’s “tesacohesion™” customer care programme, food package providers benefit from an end-to-end installation and commissioning service, including provision of tape dispensers on a loan basis at no cost to the customer. As part of this service, customers can be assured that the dispenser will be integrated into their packaging line within a day without any adverse effect on running speeds.