Precise in-line weighing for all


FOOD packaging operations could reduce bagging costs by up to 75% and improve accuracy with a new in-line weighing system developed by a collaboration between bagging systems company Automated Packaging Systems and weighing systems provider Aja.

Automated Packaging Systems, based in Worcestershire, positions itself as a provider of reliable and flexible bagging systems. Now it is collaborating with Middlesex-based Aja to develop in-line weighing for the FAS SPrint Revolution™ food bagging system. Designed to cater to small or medium volume businesses with multiple lines, irregular or hard to handle products, the system is said to offer an efficient, easy to clean packaging system, ideally suited for applications that require regular wash down.
“By working with Aja and adding weighing capabilities to the FAS SPrint Revolution we can offer significant benefits to food packers” explains Malcolm Vale, food sales manager, Automated Packaging Systems. “The full system will increase throughputs compared to conventional methods and also allow product give-away to be reduced by accurate weighing.”
Both businesses are celebrating 30 years service in the UK this year and pride themselves on the speed with which they can respond to customer demands; the bagger/weigher project has been delivered in under a year.
“Our aim, as always, is to increase productivity for our customers. With this collaboration we are not only demonstrating that we understand packaging needs but we are providing customers with a total packaging system,” comments Mr Vale.
Aja specialises in weighing and IT solutions for food packers, food processors and suppliers to UK Supermarkets, focussing on automation and raw material optimisation for hardware and software based systems.
Commenting on the results of the collaboration, Andrew Crisp, Aja managing director, said: “You have to be a market specialist at the top of your game to provide the very best solutions. Working with a like-minded company can only be good for all involved, particularly for the customer.”