High safety cap for non-fizzy drinks


THE 38 Proline cap from Procap is aimed at sensitive non-carbonised beverages that must be packaged in clean conditions, such as juices and milks.

It was specifically developed to adhere to the stringent conditions in which such products must be bottled. It is said to offer high performance capping within these constraints. Highly efficient capping supports a reduction in stoppage time, which also helps reduce costs. The closure is also suitable for bottled waters. The 38 Proline can be used for any PET container featuring a 38-3SOT neck finish.
The 38 Proline’s design also comprises a venting feature for end-user safety. Venting is permitted by the design of the closure’s interior, including the thread shape. The discontinuous thread allows pressure inside the container to be released in the event of fermentation of the product. Relieving the pressure means the closure is unlikely to suddenly discharge (and “strike the end user”, as the press release suggests, alarmingly). It is said to make the closure extremely secure and reliable for consumers. Safety is also enhanced by the fact that the seal between the closure and bottle is lost only when the TE band bridges are sufficiently stretched or broken.
This would be evidence of possible product sabotage as would the dropping of the TE band on first opening.