Bag design keeps cakes upright

The Dempson Bag features a wide base, in tailor-made sizes up to 350mm, while also retaining a comparatively light weight and low carbon footprint.

PAPER packaging products manufacturer Dempson Crooke has come up with a new design of bag that allows delicate items or boxes of food to be laid flat in the bag, rather than risk being tipped up on their sides as with a traditional bag.

The Dempson Bag is aimed at bakeries, delicatessens, takeaways and any retailer selling products in larger boxes or containers that need to lie flat when carried (for example: cakes, chocolates, sushi, pizzas and any other takeaway hot food).
The technology behind the bag has made it possible to manufacture a paper carrier bag with a uniquely wide bottom in tailor-made sizes up to 350mm. While beautifully decorated or well-presented items are more likely to retain the “wow” factor on reaching their destination, says the company, the Dempson Bag itself is also said to be strong and visually impactful whilst delivering additional cost savings and environmental benefits.
Unlike standard SOS bags the Dempson Bag has no bottom seam. It has been possible to reduce the weight of the paper used in the bag’s construction whilst maintaining its strength. In turn, this enables better stock density, bringing savings on distribution and stock holding. These factors, together with the energy efficient production methods employed mean the Dempson Bag can bring a greener footprint than traditional paper carrier bags says Dempson Cook.
The bag also appears to pack a powerful marketing punch with its large printable surface area, which maximises the potential for brand marketing on a bag. Printing can be in up to eight colours, including the four-colour process. The bag features a turnover top, which adds strength to the opening as well as the opportunity to extend the printed bag design around the inside edge for further aesthetic appeal.
The Dempson Bag also has a streamlined look, which the company says “means it looks great from any angle”. A range of different handle options provides the finishing touch.