Plastics innovator re-styles iconic ready-meal

X Silgan PFC

SILGAN Plastic Food Containers will be showcasing some of the expertise that has most recently allowed it to re-style an old classic: Fray Bentos Meat Puddings.

Traditionally packed in a metal can, to be opened with a can-opener and cooked for 45 minutes in boiling water, these famous meat puddings are now being re-launched using Silgan PFC’s new, light-weight plastic bowl. It is opened using an easy-open metal end and cooked in the microwave for 3 minutes.
The company recently provided a similar makeover for Spam (from Hormel Foods), taking it beyond its iconic metal can (in which it appeared when first introduced in 1937). In 2013 in the UK, a market trial was conducted using a high-barrier, rectangular, plastic cup made by Silgan PFC. The pack, with a clip-on lid, easy to remove heat-seal membrane and tapered shape, is intended to make product removal easy (especially for the elderly or infirm) and it also means leftovers can be stored in the fridge for later. Silgan Sales and Marketing Director for Europe and Asia, Nick Brewin, offers some insight into the company’s technical capabilities: “We have a unique in-line manufacturing process, Rotary ThermoForming (RTF), which offers our customers both superior technical performance and commercial advantages. Our range of 99mm, 83mm and 73mm bowls (500ml to 100ml) can be processed and double-seamed closed on conventional canning lines. We also have a range of stock heat-sealed containers.’’