One-piece beer case doubles as an ice holder


A corrugated beer case for Miller Genuine Draft expands when opened and holds ice to chill bottles before drinking. Developed in conjunction with packaging specialist CRP Print & Packaging, the easy-to-open one-piece design splays open to create a water-resistant ice bucket, providing a secondary use for the beer case that is ideal for sharing occasions.
The 18-bottle ‘cooler box’ was launched into retailers in Spring by Miller Brands UK (a subsidiary of global brewer SABMiller plc). CRP Sales Manager Matthew Watts said: “The development of this innovative pack, which uses specialised water-resistant papers, required an extended product development phase including technical and design expertise”.
The inside of the pack has a laminated waterproof barrier and is externally litho printed with an aqueous varnish.“The consumer interaction is intuitive with the case opening to reveal a void around the product for filling with ice.”