Linear motor provides energy cost advantages

Linear motor specialist LinMot has produced a detailed cost comparison showing a 12-month saving of 1750EUR when using one of its own linear motors rather than a pneumatic cylinder on the same pick and place application.
Compared to pneumatics and other mechanical systems for applications with cyclical motion, linear motors offer a longer operational life, almost zero maintenance, and greater flexibility, in addition to improvements with dynamics, accuracy and – above all – energy costs, even for simple point-to-point motions with only two end positions.
LinMot cites an example based on a pick and place application where a 15 kg load is run at 30 cycles per minute with a 400mm stroke. The savings from the use of an industrial linear motor, compared to the use of a pneumatic cylinder for this application are 1750EUR after 12 months, and 4650EUR after 24 months. More information is available at