Flexible checkweighers guarantee purity

DYNAMIC checkweighers from OCS Checkweighers have been employed in the pharmaceutical as well as the food sectors.

One principle applies to all production processes, whether you are working with food or pharmaceuticals: all of the raw materials must first be purchased – and the buyer only wants to pay for the actual amount bought. Precise production processes require the seller and buyer use the same means to achieve a verifiable reliability.
OCS Checkweighers, with its “flexible, customised, and practically maintenance-free systems”, says it can supply both parties with the required level of certainty. Underlying its claim to offering an edge in flexibility terms is the fact that all the core components of its technology are manufactured in-house.
The result proclaimed by the company’s literature: “top quality weigh cells, perfectly balanced servo drives, and reliable electronics – unaffected by product packaging and speed.” This all seems agreeable from the point of view of implementing more efficient production processes, where undesirable product impurities are, obviously, to be avoided.
The checkweighers from OCS are said to perform at high speeds, eliminate faulty weight packages, and generate comprehensive statistics about the inspected filling quantities in the production process. The benefits to the customer are outlined in the company literature. On the basis of high precision weight determination in the context of 100% product control (without undoing the line), a fully automated sort and ejection takes place in accordance with the framework of the various nationally defined fill quantity limits as soon as a weighed product unit violates the prescribed fill quantity specification. “Any cost intensive product recall, necessitated by complaints of incorrect fill quantities, will never have to be considered again,” says OCS. The current average value is documented in the display and assists with the manual or automatic adjustment of the fill quantity, as required.