Plenty board room, says packaging chief

AN industry chief who represents the £1.2billion UK corrugated packaging industry is predicting a healthy future for the product.
Andrew Barnetson, director of packaging affairs at the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), is convinced corrugated packaging has a long and lucrative future and will remain a common sight on supermarket shelves for years to come.
Although retailers are constantly exploring new ways to improve their traditional packaging solutions, Barnetson’s faith in corrugated is undiminished.
Indeed, his confidence has been boosted further in light of ongoing discussions with the retail sector, which revealed that despite interest in other materials, many multiples still see corrugated as one of the best materials for protecting goods in transit and promoting brands.
“It is clear from my meetings that maximising supply chain efficiency and branding is key for the big high street retailers and corrugated ticks these boxes,” said Barnetson.
“The emergence of corrugated packaging as a major advertising platform is driving demand and ensuring it holds its strong position within retail as part of an integrated supply chain solution.”
He acknowledged that retailers are becoming more demanding in terms of value for money, guaranteed supply and innovation, but says corrugated will “continue to hold sway” based on its efficiency and environmental advantages.
However, Barnetson emphasized the need for suppliers to remain focused on customers’ demands particularly at a time when the retail sector is under increasing commercial pressures.
He urged the industry to ensure that corrugated remains an economic and hygienic solution.