Reaping the rewards of slick online portal

Esko’s Suite12 is helping Reproband deliver a more efficient production process.
Esko’s Suite12 is helping Reproband deliver a more efficient production process.
INVESTMENT in an online reprographics service has helped an Edinburgh packaging and pre-media graphics studio streamline its production process.
Steven Barron and Fraser Macdonald, directors of Reprobrand, say the introduction of the Esko’s Suite12 has allowed them to build the fledgling business, which was established in 2007, around a fast and efficient online package.
The innovation has allowed the company to demonstrate increased production speed, cost and time savings by giving clients, including whisky manufacturers, online access which enables them to process amendments and approvals more efficiently.
Barron explained: “Using WebCenter customers can go online, see a job down to each pixel and review it, while a collaboration tool enables up to six people to work on the file at the same time. Every change is made in real time so only one version exists reducing the chance of errors or colour differentiation from site to site.
“As a result we can also help them shorten time to market, provide greater transparency, increase standardisation, offer better collaboration and faster processes, while requiring fewer review cycles, less errors, complete archiving and reduced costs.”
Reprobrand manages around 1800 different packaging products a year, including boxes, cartons, labels, shrink films and POS displays and Barron says upgrading to Suite 12 was essential to maintain service levels.
“It was designed as an online collaboration and approval tool but now WebCenter 12 has evolved into a true packaging management solution that will help improve the service we offer.
“You can specify requirements, manage packaging assets and oversee the entire design and production process all within a simple web browser or ipad. We are also looking forward to offering customers the full benefits of Dynamic Content Engine so they can create artwork from a database.”
Reprobrand has fully integrated with Automation Engine and ArtiosCAD, enabling WebCenter 12 to act as a Web-to-Production portal. This involves the packaging buyer in the execution of package design and production. Design requests are created automatically and a range of tasks are executed on the workflow server without any operator intervention.
“It is a truly unique solution,” says Barron. “And working with studio customers can see a 3D version of their product and even place it in a store environment, their whisky bottle alongside a competitors for example, which helps them realise their designs more cost effectively.”